Señorío de Astobiza winery

The winery Señorio de Astobiza is located within an environment blessed by nature, but also features state of the art technology, thus allowing for the making of our txakoli of quality “Señorio de Astobiza”.

We grow and harvest our own grapes following traditional procedures, treating each cluster with the utmost care. Once the grape is harvested, the mechanical procedures ensure an optimum vinification process until it is bottled.

We encourage anybody interested to come and visit both, the vineyards and the winery. We will gladly explain the entire wine process, from the field to the wineglass, and even taste some txakoli. For further information regarding timetables, bookings, prices or any other matters, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Producer: Okendo Txakolina

Txakoli:  Señorío de Astobiza

Caserío Aretxabala / Bº Jandiola, 16. 01409 Okondo-Araba

Tel. 945 89 85 16

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The Route

The uniqueness and quality of our facilities do not leave different the visitors.

Our goal is to immerse yourself in the culture of txakoli and show you every detail of this traditional wine.

Our members

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