Ballon flight

Would you like to enjoy a unique experience?

A ballon flight will make you to perceive a different view of the environment.


Discover yourself by sliding down waterfalls, performing canyon jumps and exploring spots where very few people have crossed before you.


Travelling on a mountain bike through the mountain and experiencing the beautiful landscapes of the region is a great way of enjoying sport and nature in a unique way. In addition, the road conditions in this region are perfect for practicing bicycle touring on a road bike. If you are alone, do not hesitate in joining the many enthusiasts travelling through the valley on a daily basis. However, remember that the routes are not indicated.

Horse riding routes

Horse riding is different; it combines sightseeing, sport and adventure while enjoying your favourite animals and the valley's incredible landscape.


A provoking sport in which, by means of tension and a thrilling emotion, you reach a state of excitement helping you release adrenalin and stress. An activity in a natural environment that will help you strengthen your spirit of adventure and teamwork.


One of man's objectives, for thousands of years, has been flying. Currently, by means of paragliding, flying is relatively easy, as you will only need two joysticks and breaks in order to perform all the necessary manoeuvres. During the flight, and from a privileged position, you will rediscover our world.

Puenting (Bridge Swing jumping)

It is the most popular form of jumping. Puenting comes from the word puente —bridge— as it is from where the jumps are performed. The ropes used for puenting are semi-rigid; therefore, the person who jumps does it in a pendulum movement.


There are a large number of paths and tracks on which to practice this activity. You will be able to enjoy this sport just by coming to the region and getting lost in its many rural paths. At the same time, you will discover all the charms Aiaraldea hides.