Puenting (Bridge Swing jumping)

It is the most popular form of jumping. Puenting comes from the word puente —bridge— as it is from where the jumps are performed. The ropes used for puenting are semi-rigid; therefore, the person who jumps does it in a pendulum movement.

The fall is similar to Bungee jumping. You can jump backwards or if you want to give it extra excitement, you can jump head first, even adding some summersaults. The sensations before, during and after the jump cannot be described. You have to try it!

It is an activity with hardly any risk involved, as safety measures are extreme. Exclusive material for puenting is used, which is also renewed after a fixed number of jumps.

The participant puts on a waist and a chest harness, a rope is tied using a special knot... the instructor tenses the ropes and removes the safety... and... you jump...that is, if you can overcome the instinctive fear of jumping, but this is also part of the game, and maybe what gives this activity its fascination. Then come the sensations of flying, vertigo, a full adrenalin rush and then calm and total relaxation.