Hiking in Amurrio

Goikomendi Kuxkumendi Nature Park is a specially protected old forest area with a surface of 46.7 hectares that has been restored and equipped with the aim of bringing awareness towards this natural environment and the human activity in this area.

Hiking in the Valley

Hiking is the answer to the need of the current man to re-approach nature, rural society and get away from the stress, noise and frenetic lifestyle of the city.

Naturbideak Amurrio

The municipality of Amurrio has a total surface area of 854 hectares of Public Mountains managed by means of the Sustainable Forest Management Plan. The objectives in this plan are the diversification of forestland by finding a balance between the productive functions of the forest and maintaining its biodiversity, the protection of soil and water streams, and promoting its public use by means of environmental education while allowing people to enjoy the mountains.