Liquor Museum

The Liquor Museum is the first museum with this theme in the Basque Country. It covers the trajectory of distillery Manuel Acha, which was founded in 1831 and features famous brands such as Karpy or Pacharán Sierra de Orduña.

Santxotena Workshop-Museum

The Santxotena workshop-museum is less than 600 metres away from the centre of Artziniega in the neighbourhood of Barrataguren, towards Bilbao on the A-2604. What stands out in this recently inaugurated workshop-museum is the direct relationship between the spectator and the artist; it is a didactical visit to the origins of the work, from the laboratory of volume and shape to symbolical abstraction.

The Ethnographic Museum of Artziniega

The Ethnographic Museum of Artziniega is located in a beautiful medieval town of the same name in the north of Alava. It was created in 1984, and enlarged in 2004, as a homage to the human being, which is the essence of this museum.