Hand-crafted and Home-made Products

Arabako Txakolina S.L.

It produces the 95% of the total production of guarantee of origin of Arabako Txakolina. Situated in Amurrio, it is one of the most famous txakoli between the txakolis of Álava, which txakoli is named "Xarmant".

Artomaña Txakolina

Artomaña Txakolina, S.L., the main winegrower in the Designation of Arabako Txakolina, began the project of building a winery in 2005 with the aim of making its own txakoli by using innovative methods and producing a wide variety of high quality wines while meeting the needs of niche markets left unattended. With the opening of these premises, a family project of three generations initiated by our ancestors is accomplished, who have been linked mainly to the primary sector and secondarily to vitiviniculture.

Beldui Txakolina

The first documents found show that already in 964 the production of txakoli in Laudio was common practice and well extended amongst the farmers of the valley.

Gure Ahaleginak

This txakoli is produced in Orduña, under the guarantee of origin of Vizcaya. It is a family production who treat each wine bottle as one more in the family in question.


Shop that recently was inaugurated. There you can buy traditional and ecological products.

It offers products of the Valley like cheese or txakoli

Señorío de Astobiza

Señorío de Astobiza winery is located within an environment blessed by nature, but also features state of the art technology, thus allowing for the making of our quality txakoli.