The municipality of Ayala, birthplace of the Ayala lineage, is located between Amurrio and Artziniega and it is the largest municipality of the region. Its population is completely disperse and is grouped into twenty-four villages (Aguiñiga, Añes, Beotegui, Costera, Etxegoien, Erbi, Izoria, Lejarzo, Lujo, Luiaondo, Llanteno, Madaria, Maroño, Menagarai, Menoyo, Murga, Oceka, Olabezar, Quejana, Retes de Llanteno, Salmantón, Sojo, Zuaza and Respaldiza —where the City Hall is located) that add up to 2,564 inhabitants.


Amurrio is a municipality in Alava within the territory of Ayala. For the local people it is more than just a place to live, it is a melting pot of sensations combining the beauty of the land with the uniqueness of its people. In short, it is a reference of life, history, customs and people.


The municipality of Artziniega is located northwest of the region. With slightly over 28 Km2, it is the smallest municipality of Cuadrilla de Ayala. Bathed by river "Artziniega", it is a small valley enclosed by mountains with altitudes of over 600 m (Peñalba, Pando, Zaballa and Idubaltza).


Laudio-Llodio is the most northern municipality of the region and one of the smallest in surface area (37.6 Km2)). On the other hand, it is by far the most populated municipality of the valley with over 20,000 inhabitants. In fact, demographically, it is the second largest town/city in the province of Alava after its capital Vitoria-Gasteiz.


Okondo is compound by six different neighbourhoods: Irabien, Villachica, San Román, Ugalde, Jandiola and Zudibiarte.

The agriculture, the cattle farming and the exploitation of its mountains are still important economic activities, despite the fact that nowadays small enterprises have become quite notable.


The extensive municipality of Orduña is located in a broad area within a closed valley formed by the Sálvada/Gorobel and the Gibijo Mountain Ranges. The city of Orduña is in the valley (at 300 metres), while rural villages of the municipality (Lendoño de Arriba, Lendoño de Abajo, Mendeika and Belandia) are located in the skirts and the continuation towards the valley of the Sálvada Mountain Range. The highest peaks can be found in this mountain barrier (Txarlazo, 927 m; Ungino, 1,099 m; Tologorri, 1,066 m; Bedarbide, 1,041 m; Atezabal 1,027 m).