Artomaña Txakolina

Artomaña Txakolina, S.L., the main winegrower in the Designation of Arabako Txakolina-Txakoli de Álava, began the project of building a bodega in 2005 with the aim of making its own txakoli by using innovative methods and producing a wide variety of high quality wines while meeting the needs of niche markets left unattended. With the opening of these premises, a family project of three generations initiated by our ancestors is accomplished, who have been linked mainly to the primary sector and secondarily to vitiviniculture.

In the 2009-2010 vintage, the winery launched its first wine made with a selection of the best quality grapes of the local variety “Hondarrabi Zuri”. Despite this being the main variety, it also presents the organoleptic nuances provided by varieties “Gros Manseng”, “Petit Manseng” and “Petit Courbu”, resulting in a white txakoli with marked varietal character and an alcohol content of 12º, fresh, brilliant and fruity. The introduction of cryomaceration in the winemaking process strengthens the aromas that escape when uncorked.

The txakoli is sold under the brand “Eukeni”, and pays homage to the work carried out by the pioneer of the current Designation of Origin, Arabako Txakolina, in trying to recover the tradition of making txakoli in the Region of Ayala. His children and nephews/nieces, by means of this humble homage, are trying to keep his legacy alive so it can be transmitted to the next generations.



Masalarreina, s/n.  01468 Artomaña - Amurrio (Alava)

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Contact person for visits: Mª Carmen Ugarte Alava. 645 713 355

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