Gure Ahaleginak

Gure Ahaleginak, located in Orduña, is surrounded by its oldest vine, from which it takes its name. In the 19th century, the place where the bodega is set, the neighbourhood Ibazurra, was known as "La ruta de las bodegas —the wineries route".

This txakoli is produced in Orduña, under de Guarantee of Origin of Vizcaya. It is a family production that treat each wine bottle as one more in the family in question. It has a lemon yellow colour, with touches of green, and a crystalline appearance, it has a fruity aroma, it is light, with its own character, and it has a clean aftertaste and a characteristic personality which the mountains and climate present in Ciudad de Orduña provides its vineyards.

The winery offers visits since 2007 and is managed by Arkaitz Larrazabal, the oenologist. The visit includes:

  • Visit and on-site explanation of the Vineyard.
  • A tour of the winery and an explanation of the different processes carried out.
  • A video including all the phenological stages of a vine.
  • An explanatory tasting of txakoli Gure Ahaleginak (last harvest) and food pairing.
  • Tasting of Pintxo.

To contact to visit the winery: through the web page, calling 605746277 (Maite) or 658744181 (Arkaitz), or at the tourism offices of the region.