Txakoli Route

“The Txakoli route in Aiaraldea, is a route where different Txakoli wineries, tourist accommodation, restaurants tourist offices, etc. Have joined to offer our visitors the best of our land.”

The Txakoli

The Txakoli is a light, fruity and slightly sparkling wine cultivated in Aiaraldea. It has a touch of acidity which makes it refreshing. It consists primarily of a variety “Hondarribi zuri” white grape (80%), native in the Basque Country, and the Gross Manseng, Petit Manseng and Petit Corbu varieties are used to a smaller degree, specifically in 20%.

The Route

The uniqueness and quality of our facilities do not leave different the visitors.

Our goal is to immerse yourself in the culture of txakoli and show you every detail of this traditional wine.

Our members

Aiaraldea offers many different accommodations, farmhouses, cottages, apartments, hotel, resorts, hostels and pensions for all type of tourists. See below the list of accommodations and restaurants who certify the quality of their service.