The most representative fiestas featuring Txakoli

Txakoli Berria

A traditional celebration that takes place at the end of january or the first days of february, it is usually celebrated in a town within the Guarantee of Origin (Artziniega, Ayala, Amurrio, Llodio, Okondo) or in Vitoria. This tradition consists in presenting the new Txakoli after its harvest in late September. It is an event of elation carried out to honour the new Txakoli, a score is given and a popular figure performs the first toast. In addition, the bars in the village make an effort and offer pinchos and Txakoli at very special prices.

Txakoli Eguna (Day of the Txakoli) in Amurrio

This event is celebrated in the month of May and consists in presenting Txakoli in a gastronomic celebration. Homage is paid to the people who have carried out initiatives in favour of the Municipality of Ayala or the Txakoli from Alava. Quality products are presented. A popular and home-made products fair as well as a tasting takes place in the town of Amurrio.

"Txakoli a Tope" in Vitoria

"Txakoli a Tope" is a promotional campaign of Txakoli from Alava which is held in bars and cafés of  Vitoria during the months of June and July. It consists in tasting different Txakoli wines and enjoying pinchos at an agreed special price.

Txakoli Festa

It is a young, innovative and appealing festivity, in which all the wineries of txakoli of the province of Alava are gathered. It is celebrated in the month of july in Okondo.

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